On My Mind: Strellson Spring 2012 Preview

December 09, 2011 / On My MInd, Previews
Rolling Style 3

I attended the Strellson spring 2012 preview yesterday.  I always leave Strellson previews feeling inspired, last time I was really taken by the venue and the Strellson creative forces, see previous post.  This time it was the “bike package” dubbed “Rolling Style” that Strellson is presenting for spring.  Strellson was inspired by “bicycle couriers in New York, London and Tokyo, that seem to be shaping the cityscapes of the future”, so they came up with a collection within the spring collection that is representative of a man, who wants to get from point A to Point B on his bike, but is not willing to compromise style to do it.  I mean why do we have to anyway?  It really shouldn’t even be a thing, but you try to look good, weaving in and out of traffic at 20km/hour in a suit and shirt, with a velcro safety strap wrapped around your ankle.  Somehow Strellson has made it work, and made it work well.  So hot!

As we used to say in design school, “God is in the details.”  The details of this collection are what really got me, hidden reflectives, shown at night by the flip of a collar or roll of a pant cuff, stretch sweat-wicking suiting, for easy transitions from home to office, sleek helmets and transforming bags.  Do you not just love?!  Below are a few of my favorites….


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